Colder days are coming.....but when I don't know! Make sure that you are prepared for those colder days ahead, one of the things you need to stack in your wardrobe are rollnecks. You never can go wrong with basic colors like black, navy, burgundy, grey and camel.

Rollback or turtleneck-like garments have been worn for hundreds of years, dating at least to the 15th century.
From the late 19th century on, rollnecks were commonly worn by athletes, sailors and naval officers. Since the middle of the 20th century black rollnecks have been closely associated with radical academics, philosophers, artists and intellectuals. Just that you know where they come from. (pics via Snap Leon)



After a long anticipated wait, Ralph Lauren has finally opened the doors of its London flagship Polo store, the first and only Polo flagship in Europe. The almost 18,000 square foot store spans over three stories of prime Regent Street real estate.
Walking into the store, one is welcomed with traditional Ralph Lauren antique chestnut furniture. The men’s collection is presented in a nonchalant yet neat way, piled up onto antique pool tables and luggage; one cannot help but to approach and touch what’s on offer, all fashioned on hangers and mannequins in typically cool, curated yet carefree Ralph Lauren style. The ground floor is home to ‘haberdashery and other tailored menswear’, set in a club-like atmosphere. Pop down to the lower ground and the first thing you will notice is the wooden rowing boat, strategically positioned on the ceiling, a nod to Polo’s preppy style. (pics via The Rake)



When I think of Las Vegas, my memories are going back to its glittering lights. Plus I think about the world's most famous neon attraction. Designed by Betty Willis, the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada" sign has been greeting visitors at the southern end of the Strip since 1959.

Neon signs, introduced in Las Vegas in 1929 at the Oasis CafĂ© on Fremont Street, enjoyed their heyday between the 1930s – 1980s. But as LED and LCD screens began taking over the Las Vegas Strip, many of the old signs were removed. About 20 years ago people from the Allied Arts Council and Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO), the manufacturer responsible for creating a number of the city's neon pieces, began collecting and preserving the old signs.

The Neon Museum was officially established in 1996, the city allocated space in downtown on the east side of Las Vegas Boulevard for the Neon Boneyard. YESCO then donated its retired signs to the fledgling organization. About 40 percent of the Neon Museum's collection originated there, and items from newly imploded or remodeled properties are added continually.

The Neon Museum's visitors center is located adjacent to the curated collection of signs at the boneyard. The center is in the rehabilitated La Concha Motel lobby, the seashell-shaped, Mid-Century Modern building designed and built by architect Paul Revere Williams. The La Concha used to be located on the Las Vegas Strip next to the Riviera. It was saved from demolition in 2005 and relocated to the Boneyard to become the visitors center.

Book your tour ahead so you won't be disappointed as there are a limited tours per day. This time i went for the morning tour at 08.00, next time I will go for the evening tour. 



A few months ago The Stronghold store on Abbot Kinney had some major changes. The building was more or less split in half and is now occupied by The Stronghold and next-door neighbor Shinola.
I visited the store 5 years ago but, I must say that in this new settlement the products are better presented and the store gives you a cozy feeling. The Stronghold Denim is the focal point of the store but it is surrounded with great brands like: Pendleton, Filson, Alden, Stetson, Lewis Leather and many many more. This store is a must see when you are in LA.

The Stronghold
1625 Abbot Kinney BLVD
Venice, CA